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Jiujung Mould Factory is located in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, known as "Township of Chinese Moulds". With a good history of mould development and manufacturing, Jiujung Mould Factory is the best mould production base.

Main products: Plastic tube moulds, main PVC, PP expanding tube moulds, PVC drainage, water supply pipe moulds, PPR tube moulds, PE tube moulds, etc. And injection moulds for daily necessities (such as chair moulds, bucket moulds, box moulds, etc.). Has 30 years experience in design and production of expanding tube dies. With perfect quality control and after-sales service quality tracking system, we can customize moulds for users'drawings and samples, with stable quality, timely delivery, reasonable price and thoughtful service, so that customers can be satisfied and reassured.

It has professional CAD/CAM/CAE aided design CNC processing center, CNC fine carving, high speed processing center, CNC lathe, electric spark, line cutting and other complete set of equipment for mould finishing.

Mold materials: 45# steel, P20, 38CrMoAL, 718, 718H, 40Cr, 2738, 2316, etc.

Number of modules: one module and multiple cavities

Cooling of moulds: circulating running water is used to effectively improve product quality and moulding efficiency.

Intermediate treatment: conditioning to improve hardness.

Post-treatment: After nitriding treatment, the surface hardness of the mould is greater than HV850, quenching treatment, and the overall hardness of the mould cavity can reach HRC48 degrees or above.

Die life: normal use no less than 1 million moulds

Transport mode: Lock module must be installed before the mould is shipped, logistics transport

After-sales service: The mould is guaranteed for 2 years and repaired free of charge during the guarantee period.

Note: In the production process of moulds, we provide customers with the progress of moulds every month

Post treatment: Nitriding treatment, surface hardness of the mould is greater than HV850, quenching treatment, the overall hardness of the mould cavity can reach HRC48 degrees or above.

Mold life: more than 1 million moulds.

Product materials: PE, PPR, PVC, ABS

Mold production cycle: 45 days

The company has a wide range of talents and experienced mould engineers. Gathering the essence of national mould technology, leading the same industry level. Provide customers with high quality and reasonable price products. At present, our products have been exported to South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and so on. If you have technical problems with moulds and products, you can consult us and we will do our best to help you.

We conclude the transaction following procedure

1. Samples or drawings We need you to provide samples or detailed drawing requirements

2. Agree to determine the material, cavity number, price, delivery date, payment time, etc. of the product

3. Order Clients Design or Choose Our Design

4. Mold Design We will communicate with you again and determine the design and drawings

5. Mould Manufacturing Start to make the moulds according to the drawings identified by the customer

6.. Mould process provides customers with photographs of the manufacturing process

7. Sample confirmation sends sample to customer, if customer is not satisfied, we modify the mould

8. Mould Delivery Customer Satisfies Samples and Arranges Shipment

Jiujung Mould firmly believes in "no faith, no sincerity". It takes sincerity as its essence, technology as its strength and quality as its precondition. Base on the mould Market and welcome customers at home and abroad. May we work together to build long-term friendly partners.

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pipe fitting mould | Injection mould | Steam Parts Mould | Commodity moulds


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